BPHS Chapter 97:

"One who reads, or listens with attention and devotion to this most excellent Hora Shastra,that is Original Sanskrit Text Book of Astrology created by the ancient father of Astrology Sage Parashara becomes long-lived and is blessed with increase in his or her strength, wealth and good reputation."

                            Jupiter Conjunction Vedic Astrology
                            By Mrs. Lucy Moore  Senior Astrologer
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Vedic Astrology


Jupiter In Vedic Astrology :


Some of the important signification of Zodiac Jupiter as per Uttara Kalamrita is given below. 

a) Brahmans b) Teachers c) Cows d) treasure e) Large or stout body f) Fame g) Logic h) Astronomy and astrology i) Sons j) Grand Sons k) Elder brother l) Indra m) Precious stones n) Dharma o) Yellow colors 


Jupiter Conjunction personal planets:


When Zodiac Jupiter contacts the personal planets it often gives much protection from harm if it is well placed. Poorly placed in Horoscope it can bring the opposite, or lend realistic goals to an otherwise impractical ideology. Zodiac Jupiter in good aspect to the sun is often cited as the luckiest aspect or transit out there. I agree that it is very supportive, but it is also a bit too optimistic at times. 

Zodiac Jupiter combined with Venus is very lucky as well, but if not well placed in Astrological Birth Chart can bring some of the effects of a Grand Trine, in that blessings become an expectation and everything is always someone else’s fault. If you meet someone with a Jupiter Conjunct Venus contact AND they have the Grand Trine aspect they are definitely too good to be true. Zodiac Jupiter over inflates the expectations these people have for their lovers, finances and friends. When their expectations are tempered a bit, they are some of the most generous, spiritual and loving people. Though, they are very high maintenance and need a lot of attention to be happy with one person. Not too mention their tendency toward blatant materialism. 

Jupiter Sign

To know meaning of Zodiac Jupiter in your Astrological Birth Chart order Personal Horoscope.


Zodiac Jupiter in good relation to Mercury makes one a jovial conversationalist…think Johnny Carson. Maybe even Howard Stern if you think about his being over the edge…though you probably need to add in a little (or a lot ) of Pluto or Uranus for a better description of him. These people are networkers, and are constantly communicating to the point they bore others to death in some cases.

Zodiac Jupiter and the Moon together bring strong maternal and nurturing influences, however they do tend to be smothering, or smothered by others. If the moon sign is unstable by nature, then their feelings can overpower them and if this influence is coupled with deviant, violent, or criminal tendencies from other planets, signs or aspects, these people can be quite violent because of their excessive emotional attachment to things or people. You have heard of the person who suddenly “goes off” and hurts someone, yet they have never shown this tendency before? Well, they probably had a violent planet (Pluto, Mars) involved by transit to this emotionally volatile moon combination that triggered it. 

So you see, Zodiac Jupiter can be a benefit or a detriment depending on how it is used, however it is the closest thing to luck you can ever experience. This is because Zodiac Jupiter is the ruler of divine intervention, and is also related to the belief in a higher power. Therefore, if you are due for a cosmic thumping, Zodiac Jupiter can bring the firm hand of God into your life to right an out of context situation. As it can also allow you to escape to another world without pain, by grace. 

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Planet Jupiter Astrology

Zodiac Jupiter is the ruling planet of the sign Sagittarius, the hunter of the zodiac.
Probably because of their love of freedom and adventure, Sagittarians and people with strong
Zodiac Jupiter in their charts are the most likely in the zodiac to remain unattached, being known as the “bachelor” sign. The Zodiac Jupiter born want to be free to pursue life’s adventures unhindered by ties and they like to keep their options open in case .



To know STATUS of Zodiac Jupiter in your Astrological Birth Chart order Personality Horoscope.


Jupiter Conjunction Saturn

Jupiter Conjunction Saturn shows that you have enormous potential for success, although it won't come without effort. In spite of overwhelming odds against success, you are eager to explore new means to make a massive assault and assert yourself in the world. You have the fortitude and staying power to mobilize all your resources for this task. Planning every step of the way is absolutely essential, along with knowing when to act and when not to. You have a vivid picure of your future already realized in your dreams, but you are realistic enough to accept the responsibility this entails. You know that even with a driving ambition, striving for significance is not enough unless it satisfies a clearly pictured mental vision. You have the courage to be ostentatious about your belief in yourself, while remaining cautious enough to stay within your limits. Your capacity to achieve goals is in direct proportion to your willingness to accept self-discipline and hard work. The glow of success is so sweet that you can accept these facts. 

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You are hopeful yet realistic, eager yet serious, assertive yet deliberate. Generally you don't take chances, preferring to use proven methods to get what you want. You apply your talents in the most practical way so that little effort is wasted on non-productive projects. You can find rewarding satisfaction and exploit your creative talents in law, education, medicine, accounting, or the ministry. To these fields you would bring a profound understanding of people and an ability to help solve their problems. You are patient with less gifted people and willing to be of assistance when they need you. 

In your moments of relative leisure, you enjoy reading informative books that are useful in your professional interests. In your constant striving to raise your level of competence, you might attend evening sessions at an educational institution. Never satisfied with the extent of your knowledge, you realize that competition requires to to keep abreast of current thought and developments in your field. 

You respect the lessons of history, which stimulate your philosophical musings on destiny and the role of each individual in the destiny of man. Your retentive memory is a great help in crises that require an immediate solution; you may even be surprised that the necessary information comes to mind so readily at the right time. 

Overdoing is your most persistent problem, for it can cause physical exhaustion. You especially need to get away from your daily concerns and truly unwind. Frequent 'little vacations' are especially effective in restoring vitality and giving you a fresh approach to your goals. 


To know effects of Zodiac Jupiter in your Astrological Birth Chart order Personality Horoscope.

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