BPHS Chapter 97:

"One who reads, or listens with attention and devotion to this most excellent Hora Shastra,that is Original Sanskrit Text Book of Astrology created by the ancient father of Astrology Sage Parashara becomes long-lived and is blessed with increase in his or her strength, wealth and good reputation."

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Career Horoscope

Career Report You can use astrology to plan your career, manage obstacles and use the favorable to the maximum advantage. Get clarity on your career goals in this invaluable astrological report.

Free Astrology

Astrologyimage.com is pleased to present free horoscope and predictions. Know your Moon sign and Ascendant sign with analysis, birth star with analysis and an analysis of your current operating dasa. Just enter few details and enjoy.

Vedic Astrology

Astrologyimage.com does not believe in providing computer generated analysis reports. Every time you order a vedic astrology service through our site, your chart gets looked at by a very experienced and knowledgeable vedic astrologer in India. The astrologer spends minimum an hour on the chart analysis. You will be amazed by the depth of analysis done on your chart. Try one out today. Remedial consultation is provided free of cost along with your service request.

Birth Time Rectification

A number of people do not know either their date or time of birth accurately. Which creates a problem as an accurate chart cannot be constrcuted and hence the predictions never come true and thus astrology is not uderstood. Fortunately Vedic Astrology has given us tools to determine accurate date and time of birth. If you want to know yours or verify your date/time of birth please.

Financial horoscope

Use this amazing service to get an instant report about your chances of becoming rich in life and time tested remedies to improve those chances.

Indian Vedic Astrology is an ancient Indian science which explains planetary motions and positions with respect to time and their effect on humans and other entities on earth. Vedic astrology can be traced thousands of years back. Early Vedic astrology was only based on the movement of planets with respect to stars, but later on it started including zodiac signs as well. Vedic astrology can be divided into three parts a) Siddhanta....
Indian Astrology

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Birth Time Correction
Financial Horoscope
Career Horoscope
Personality Horoscope

Complete Vedic Astrology Analysis of the Astrological Birth Chart

Personal Horoscope also called Personality Horoscope gives Your reading for all aspects of life like personality, your inner working, how do you think or your inner way thinking, What Things You must avoid and about other areas of life like marriage,relationship,love,finance,home,family and remedies for all weak areas of life. It is therefore all in one astrology horoscope that includes Marriage Horoscope, Love Horoscope, Finance Horoscope, Career Horoscope that tells you of all areas of life including your inner working and health and your way of thinking and psyche and ways of improving the lacking areas of life by time tested ancient astrological remedies.

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Personality Horoscope

Career Astrology                                                                                                Baby Horoscopes 

Love Astrology

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Marriage Love Horoscope

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